Our High-Speed Table type Drilling machine is our fastest device yet. With a max rpm of 3000, it has an optional CTS, tapping, light milling, grooving, and tool changer, Hole diameter can be much wider (up to 200mm) and its accuracy and speed is an upgrade to our normal speed machine.

Product Specification
Model 1020 1530 2040 3030 4040 5050 6060 8080
Working Area 1M*2M 1.5M*3M 2M*4M 3M*3M 4M*4M 5M*5M 6M*6M 8M*8M
Drilling Max Thickness(mm) 100, 200, 250 
Drilling Hole Diameter (mm) 50, 100
Variable RPM 100 - 3000rpm
Motor Horsepower 30HP, 40HP, 50HP
Number of Spindles (sets) 1 or 2
Spindle Taper BT40 or BT50
X-Axis Ball Screw
Y-Axis (rail) Ball Screw or Rack & Pinion
Z-Axis (vertical) AC Servo
Positioning Speed 9000 mm/min
Positioning Accuracy ±0.03 mm (ball screw) or ±0.1 mm (rack and pinion)
Cooling Outside Cooling or Cooling through Spindle (CTS)
Option Tapping function
Option Milling function