Commonly used for steel structure, the CNC H-Beam Cutting Coping Machine can be used for H-beam gas/plasma cutting torch to cut. It has an optional robot system to push H-beams forward automatically and can cut all length to several sections automatically if necessary.

Product Specifications
Model FSBEAM15060 FSBEAM10050 FSBEAM7035
 H-Beam Size H-Beam 150 x 100 mm – 1500 x 600 mm 150 x 100 mm – 1000 x 500 mm 150 x 100 mm – 700 x 350 mm
C channel 500 x 300mm 500 x 250mm 500 x 175mm
 Angle steel Size 300 x300mm 300 x300mm 300 x300mm
 Length No Limit
 Cutting Length 800mm
 Number of Cutting Tool 1 Gas Cutting Torch or 1 Plasma Cutting Torch
 Capacity Gas: 150mm; Plasma: depends
 Transmission AC Servo Motor, 5 Axis Control
 Positioning Accuracy 0.1 mm
 Optional Robot Arm Feeding System with Rail
 Optional Inlet and Outlet Roller Supports