CNC Laser Cutting Machine Features

  • Applicable to aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, steel industry, etc. varies steel cutting
  • Applicable to 0.5-16mm carbon steel, 0.5-8mm stainless steel, etc., varies thin metal materials cutting
  • The software developed by AMG ourselves, with rich machining experience, can give full play to cutting capacity, greatly improve the cutting efficiency.
  • Can cut a large plate or place multiple pieces of plate to cut, saving plate loading and unloading time, no need exchange table
  • X-axis and Y-axis transmission systems are the dust-free sealed
  • German-made laser cutting head, high cutting speed and the best edge cutting quality
  • Imported laser specialized gearbox, with high-precision longevity characteristics

Gantry Type
Gantry Type Fiber Laser Cutting CNC Machine
Table Type
Table Type Laser Cutting CNC Machine